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One Trick Pony

by on Mar.14, 2010, under Monday Morning Tips, Photo Editing, Webcast

FREE Topaz Labs Webinar

Eric Yang, Marketing Manager for Topaz Labs will present a free webinar on April 7 at Noon CDT (Central Daylight Time). Eric will demonstrate how to use several Topaz plug-ins and answer questions. There will also be some cool give-aways so be sure to register ASAP. There’s limited seating on a first-come, first-served basis. Click HERE to reserve your spot. You can have as people as you want on one computer so invite your whole camera club, neighborhood or synagogue and project the webinar for all to see.

Using One Tool To Clone Over an Object

When first learning photo editing, students often learn one tool at a time and tend to use that tool for everything. Sometimes, that’s not a bad approach. For example, some use the Marquee Tool to select everything but quickly discover that perfect rectangles and ovals rarely exist in real life.

Today’s Video MMT hopes to speed up your “Ah-ha!” moment by demonstrating how the Marquee Tool can be used to remove an object from a complex background. The first photo below is the original, the second is a close up of the area we want to fix and the last is the final result. View the video in the Archived MMT area (free registration required).


Russian Traffic

I’ve noticed a huge surge in traffic from Russian IP addresses. I don’t believe my charm and skills are that appreciated by Russians so I can only conclude that there’s a big push to hack and scam US sites. I’m going to block all Russian and Chinese traffic but, before I do that, if there are Russian or Chinese readers who actually visit my site for benign purposes, please let me know.

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United Breaks Guitars – Song 3

by on Mar.10, 2010, under Monday Morning Tips, Workshops

I produced three Video MMTs over the last 2 days which I’ll be releasing while I’m leading the Spring Desert Wildflower Photoshoot Workshops this weekend and next. There’s still time to register so sign up now. When’s the last time you went to the desert to photograph wildflowers? Here are some photos from last year.

While taking a break, I came across the following videos and thought readers would get a kick out of them. This is the perfect, non-violent yet extremely painful, costly and effective revenge against an uncaring corporate giant.

Last Song Released

Most everyone remembers a YouTube video that went viral last year about a Canadian guitarist whose Taylor guitar was broken by Unitd Airlines. The airline refused to do anything until over 50,000 people viewed the video in the first 24 hours. By the time the video finally peaked, it had been viewed over 8 million times, a PR nightmare for UAL.

In the ensuing 7 months, UAL has (ineptly) tried to mollify the artist, Dave Carroll, but never really “got it” regards customer service. Carroll reports in his last song (he promised to write 3 songs about the experience) that he still hears daily from people who have been badly treated, mistreated or simply ignored by UAL. Click to read more and see videos

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Plugging a Plug-In

by on Feb.28, 2010, under Monday Morning Tips, Photoshop Elements

Shoebill Stork Video

Anyone who’s taken a Wild Animal Park “Hands-On” Photoshoot with me knows of my fascination with the shoebill stork whom I’ve nicknamed “Fred”. He’s an interesting bird, not just for his massive beak but also because he almost seems to be observing the people who stop to view him. A friend and former student who is an aviculturist sent me this link.

Monday Morning Tip

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Manual Flash Tips

by on Jan.24, 2010, under Monday Morning Tips

Why a Manual Flash is Good for You

Last week, we reviewed the LumoPro 120 and showed how it stacked up against Canon dedicated flashes. Today, we’ll cover some flash basics and show why a manual flash is a good tool for learning flash techniques other than just saving money.

When you use ETTL (Canon) or iTTL (Nikon) or any other automatic flash system, the flash and camera communicate to make all the decisions for you. This is fine for most snapshots where people accept the harsh, flat, deer-in-the-headlights look of straight-on flash. But, when you want to step up your flash photography, manual control of a  remote flash is a much better.

Here’s an example of a remote flash at work. I placed the flash on the seat of the car and fired it with a remote. Without the remote, it would have just been another antique car photo.

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Follow Up to Shutter Speed

by on Jan.05, 2010, under Monday Morning Tips

Freezing Fred’s Beak

This week’s MMT (posted on Saturday, 1/2) had blurred images of Fred’s beak (shoebill stork) as he chatters (calls). I was curious to know how much of the blur was due to slow shutter speed versus hand-holding so I went back on Sunday. Now, granted, this wasn’t a rigorous scientific test but I was able to confirm that Fred’s beak can be frozen with a faster shutter speed. On the blurred images, I was using 1/1000 second and this time, I used 1/2000 second. I’d like to have taken some at slower speeds but Fred chattered 3 times in 3 hours. The first and third times, he chattered for about 5 seconds so I got a few shots. The second time, he chattered only for 2 seconds which wasn’t long enough for me to get shots. Overall, in 3 hours, I fired off 150+ frames and got 3 usable photos. Another issue is that Fred rapidly blinks his nictitating eyelid while chattering. I managed to capture many images of him with weird “Night of the Living Dead” eyes as in the first photo (below).

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