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Art Nudes in Sedona – Final Images of Z

by on Feb.06, 2016, under Articles, Lightroom, Monday Morning Tips, Photo Editing, Photos

An Irrepressible Soul

When Z was first proposed as a model, I was asked if an “older” model would be of interest. My first question was, “Is she photogenic?” followed by, “How old is old?” When I saw Z’s photos, I immediately knew she was perfect for the shoot. I won’t divulge her age but let’s just say she’s closer to me in age than she is to the other 20-something models but Z proves that age is just a number and her attitude is that of a young woman, ready to try anything.

If anything, I had to work to tone down Z’s big, wide grin as she wholeheartedly tried anything I proposed. I haven’t had that much fun working with a model in ages. Z is an irrepressible free spirit who knows who she is and doesn’t try to pretend otherwise.

Z_final-109   Z_final-102   Z_final-103   Z_final-101 Z_final-104   Z_final-105   Z_final-106   Z_final-107   Z_final-108

The first three are my favorites. In the first, the viewer needs to look carefully to tell if Z is facing left or right. The second and third are classic.

The fourth and last two are examples of Z’s constant grin. I often say of an experience, “It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on.” In this case, Z was having a lot of fun with her clothes off! I appreciated how she completely trusted me and, without hesitation, threw herself into every idea I presented.

Other than a few age spots, I didn’t edit Z’s photos in any way except what I would have done in a chemical dark room. I Cropped, adjusted Levels & Contrast, softened focus, and sharpened selective areas. I could tell Z was comfortable in her skin and wouldn’t want me to make her look like a 20-something with Barbie skin.

I hope I captured the true essence of “an older model” whose mind, attitude and outlook are as young as any 20 year old. I’m looking forward for the opportunity to work with Z again in the future.

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2 Comments for this entry

  • Z

    Perfect! Remarkable! Extraordinary! I not only love the photos, but love your words even more. Thank you for “seeing” all of me, Lee. Of course, I will work with you again. It will be an honor.

    • Lee

      Well Ms Irrepressible,
      You are one fun lady and a “real” woman, curves and all! We’ll have to plan another round of mischief in the near future. I’m so glad you like how I finalized your images.


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