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Art Nudes in Sedona – Final Images of A

by on Feb.06, 2016, under Articles, Lightroom, Monday Morning Tips, Photo Editing, Photos

A Warrior Model

While the other models were bold, A is fearless. The words “fear” or “timidity” do not exist in her vocabulary. A is what I imagine when I think “Amazon” or “gladiator.” Yet, as these images prove, she has a soft, beautiful feminine side that complements her tomboy, kick-your-ass exterior.

A told me after the shoot, she found the experience “exhilarating.” The only time she had been photographed nude was at Burning Man but, as she said, “Everyone’s nude there!” When she told me about getting branded at BM with a branding iron and blow torch, my mind screamed, “TILT!” She also told me that, since she was hitchhiking to BM, she walked the last 20 miles pushing a cart filled with all the supplies she would need for the duration. A is one tough chick!

A was the last model I worked with so I was tired and mentally worn out by then. I made a number of dumb mistakes that caused my keeper rate to plummet. Plus, my brain was having difficulty keeping up with A’s ideas. She wanted to stand on her head and do splits. My mind, once again, cried, “TILT!” I couldn’t begin to comprehend how to frame that shot. At the same time, her enthusiasm and energy was infectious. She is the epitome of a free spirit.

A_final-107   A_final-108   A_final-102   A_final-109   A_final-101   A_final-103   A_final-104   A_final-105   A_final-106

Again, the first three are my favorites. The first is one of A’s contemplative moments. Since the shoot, I’ve learned that A is quite insightful and intelligent. She’s not the “crazy wild hippie” that she  portrayed in the studio. The second shows her toned body and fearless pose. In the third, I carefully thought about the crop. I don’t generally focus on a model’s “lady bits” but, in this case, I felt the artistic merits outweighed potential for prurient interests.

The last two are different orientations of the same pose, one is portrait mode and the other is landscape. In all the photos, I tried to emphasize A’s lean, toned muscles while also focusing on bodyscapes. I hope we can work together again in the future when I’m sharper and not so tired and error prone.


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