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Sedona Camera Club Presentation

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Door Prizes for Sedona Camera Club Program

Many sponsors have stepped-up to donate over $1000 worth of door prizes for my program to the Sedona Camera Club (SCC) on November 30, 2015. Sedona is a very art-centric community in the red-rock country of northern Arizona. As you might imagine, a camera club in such an artistically inclined town has many extremely talented members. It was an honor to be invited to speak to them about something I understand, the interface between art and technology. You can read about the presentation in the previous post.

The prizes range from Topaz Labs Complete Photography Collection to Chromix ColorThink2, X-Rite ColorChecker Passport and George Jardine Lightroom Training Videos. These are all products that I personally use and recommend without compensation or reservation. As long time readers know, I never accept money or “swag” for recommending products on my site.

If you can make it to my presentation, I’d really love to meet readers that I’ve only known through e-mails and comments. Who knows, you might be one of the lucky winners!

Most photographers know about Topaz Labs plug-ins for LR, PS and PSE so I’ll just show a example of some of my favorites using Topaz Adjust. Topaz Adjust and B&W are my favorite plug-ins.

How the West Was Won   Bisbee-112   Bisbee-104

Here are examples of what Chromix ColorThink2 can do for photographers and printers trying to understand how different printers, inks and media interact. By using ColorThink2, a photographer has a clear idea of the relationship between printer ICC profiles and image colors.

ColorThink_graph   ColorThink_PDI2   ColorThink_PDI

Finally, here are photos of an X-Rite ColorChecker Classic, the predecessor to the current sleek ColorChecker Passport. I should replace the old CC Classic since the colors can fade over time but I’m old school and like the big one.

Gretag-Macbeth Color Checker   Color Checker

As for George Jardine, everyone who reads this blog knows I think George walks on LR water. George is a former member of the original Adobe Lightroom development team and probably one of the nicest guys for being so smart and knowledgeable. George has never laughed at my dumb questions and patiently helps me. Recently, I conferred upon George the title of Dr of Unscrewology. He helps people unscrew self-inflicted ills. If you’re serious about learning Lightroom, you can’t afford NOT to buy George’s  extremely cost-effective ($25-$30) video classes.

Art Nude Triptychs Project

After a lot of research, planning and just plain old thinking, my art nude triptych project is off the ground and I have the first two shoots “in the can,” so to speak. I plan to print these on canvas and mount them as gallery wraps that can be hung as triptychs or as individual prints.

Amanda-101   Amanda-105   Amanda-103

Olivia-104   Olivia-106   Olivia-105

I have 2-3 more models lined up for early November and hope to have a series of 6-10 triptychs (18 to 30 total prints) by next spring. If anyone knows of any galleries that might be interested in showing them, please let me know.


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