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Last Photos of Atlantic Puffins

by on Jul.13, 2013, under Lightroom, Monday Morning Tips, Photos

Final Six Atlantic Puffin Photos

These guys are so cute and comical that I’d like to post all 300 from my 90 minutes on the island but I don’t want to bore you to tears. If I ever recover from my seasickness, I may try this again in the future.

Puffins-16   Puffins-15   Puffins-14

I believe the first guy was scratching under his chin but it might be part of his grooming ritual. Either way, he’s too cute. I liked the 2nd photo because of the soft green bokeh. The 3rd, if I recall correctly, was the start of a short flight (more like a hop) to another rock. He flapped his wings several times and flew just as I was distracted.

Puffins-13   Puffins-18   Puffins-17

These last three are simply “formal” portraits. Although, at first blush, they appear comical, they’re really very handsome birds. Unfortunately, their take-off and landing skills leave a lot to be desired. When landing, they remind me of gooney birds on Midway Island in the Pacific. It’s more of an inelegant, controlled crash.

Lubec, ME, Easternmost Point in the US

Cutler-1   Cutler-2   Cutler-5

I tried my hand at creating a “painterly” effect without resorting to the myriad LR or PS CS plug-ins, add-ons or other 3rd party tools. I liked this old house and I think it looks like a painting without going “over the top” with special effects. What’s your opinion? The mailbox (from a different abandoned house) looked rather forlorn even before I processed it. The tombstone would look great on a “dark and stormy night.” Unfortunately, clear skies were all I had to work with. All these photos were made with my “go-to” lens, the 24-105/4IS L on a Canon 5D Mk II and post-processed in LR4.

Cutler-3   Cutler-4

The chain fence was in front of a derelict building. I’m not completely happy with it because I missed my DOF. The last photo is the prettiest house we saw in Lubec. It was the epitome of a picturesque New England waterfront home.

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