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I’ve Been Juried and Accepted, Whoopee!

by on Apr.22, 2013, under Articles, Monday Morning Tips

Art Club Rules…

Having never been a member of an art club, I didn’t think much about it when the Wickenburg Camera Club (WCC) was folded into the Wickenburg Art Club (WAC.) From what I’d been told, it was only recently that WAC accepted photography as an art form (things move slowly in small towns!)

The first thing I was encouraged/told to do was submit three pieces for jurying, the process of having my art reviewed for “worthiness” to be displayed at WAC events. Being the humble person that I am, I informed them that my work had been juried by extremely talented judges at the San Diego Fair and San Diego Natural History Museum. If they had questions about my talent, they could simply ask me and I would tell them how good I am. Well, that failed to convince WAC so I submitted the following 3 pieces.


Anyone who has read my blog for more than a few months has probably seen these. As predicted (by me!) all three were “accepted” (2 out of 3 must be accepted) by the anonymous judge from Phoenix. She made nice comments on the jury form but it was clear she really didn’t understand photographic art. In the same session, she also evaluated paintings, pottery, wood and fabric art so it’s doubtful she was an expert in all the disparate media. Be as that may, I’m now a “juried member” of WAC with all rights & privileges appertaining to.

My thought on jurying is that art should be inclusive and nurturing. I worry that beginners who don’t have my ego will hesitate to have their work judged in public. While it’s nice to have my work recognized, I’d like to see more novices encouraged to display their work for feedback and encouragement. I realize those who know me won’t be able to reconcile the mean, rotten curmudgeon side of me with what I’m saying here but I think it’s important to encourage artists, not judge them. What say you, dear reader?


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  • Karen

    Congratulations! I say that when you get to “know” the members of the Art Club, you should then take your soapbox and advocate the exact sentiments you are expressing now…you sound like you could be a great mentor too to those in the area who need encouragement and this might just be a forum you could start with!

    • Lee

      Thanks Karen,
      My problem is that, as I tell my wife, I’m very patient but I hate waiting. My favorite cartoon from years ago showed two vultures in a tree and one was telling the other, “Patience my butt, I’m gonna kill something!” 😉

  • Shirley

    I’d say congratulations! 🙂 You’ve opened the door for others to follow.

    • Lee

      Thanks Shirley,
      I’m working on a series of digital photography and digital editing classes so members have a place to get constructive feedback and encouragement.

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