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Horses, Cowboys (and Cowgirls) and Barrel Races

by on Feb.24, 2013, under Articles, Lightroom, Monday Morning Tips

Hillside Barrel Races

I discovered Hillside last year and made some photos but didn’t know what was happening so results were iffy at best. It turns out they hold several events throughout the year so Mary and I went this past Saturday to see if I could make better photos.

Sorry to post so many but I told the parents that I would post photos so here are 40 photos out of 366 frames I made in one hour. The kids were cool but my favorites were a couple of burros in the area I was shooting from. I’ll post those photos some other time.

For Parents: You’re welcome to download the photos for personal use on websites or other social media. If you want a high resolution image to print, send me an e-mail and I’ll send them to you. Be sure your e-mail account can receive large files. If you want small 4×6 prints, I’ll print them but you’ll have to pick them up at my home in Wickenburg. If you want large, gallery wrapped prints on canvas (minimum 8″x12″, maximum 12″x 18″) contact me for pricing and availability. FYI, large prints display much better than small web images.

Hillside-4529-2 Hillside-4534-2 Hillside-4550-2 Hillside-4567-2 Hillside-4571-2 Hillside-4573-2 Hillside-4576-2 Hillside-4579-2 Hillside-4593-2 Hillside-4596-2 Hillside-4598-2 Hillside-4609-2 Hillside-4616-2 Hillside-4621-2 Hillside-4636-2 Hillside-4657-2 Hillside-4668-2 Hillside-4669-2 Hillside-4683-2 Hillside-4712-2 Hillside-4716-2 Hillside-4721-2 Hillside-4723-2 Hillside-4725-2 Hillside-4742-2 Hillside-4751-2 Hillside-4755-2 Hillside-4757-2 Hillside-4783-2 Hillside-4788-2 Hillside-4789-2 Hillside-4794-2 Hillside-4796-2 Hillside-4797-2 Hillside-4798-2 Hillside-4822-2 Hillside-4830-2 Hillside-4836-2 Hillside-4837-2 Hillside-4838-2

For the Inner Geek in you, I was handholding my 7D with a 70-200/4 (non-IS) and no flash. In Aperture Mode, I set aperture to f/4 and left it there. Shutter Speed floated between 1/800-1/2500 second. Of course, with such a shallow Depth of Field, I missed a lot of shots but that’s what Burst Mode is for. I had it set for High Speed Burst, approximately 8FPS. I also tried a few frames with my 5D MkII but for action and sports, nothing beats a 7D. I didn’t bother to use fill flash because only a few riders were wearing hats unlike last August when everyone had a hat to protect themselves from the sun.

All photos were made in RAW and processed in Lightroom 3. FYI, if you’ve thinking of upgrading to LR4, B&H currently has the upgrade for $75, normally $150.

Burrowing Owls in March

Between March 8-12, I’ll be around the Salton Sea to photograph burrowing owls. If anyone wants to join me, send an email. Mary and I will be in the RV with our new BFF, T the Cat.

Atlantic Puffins in June/July

I’ve been trying to photograph Atlantic Puffins for several years. I think we may get there this year. Puffin breeding season is June-July so we intend to be in Maine around the middle of June to get a seat aboard one of the island landing tours. There isn’t a dock on the island so we have to rock-hop onto the island. Needless to say, if the weather is bad, the landing is cancelled and we get nothing more than a wet, miserable boat ride.

If anyone wants to join us, send me an e-mail and we’ll coordinate. From Maine, we’ll go on to Nova Scotia and, time permitting, Newfoundland.


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