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by on Jun.17, 2012, under Articles, Monday Morning Tips

Cuties for a Cause at Deer Park Winery

Deer Park Winery had a grand re-opening on June 10. Cuties for a Cause was there to raise  funds for their 2012 cause, ArtHatch, an Escondido-based organization that supports youth art.

I was too busy herding cats to take many photos but here are two of my favorite Cuties:


Before and After Photos

I’m trying to get my book back on track. I submitted a sample chapter to a publisher who asked for better photos to illustrate my points. She wasn’t impressed with the placeholders I had used to see how the book formatted.

Since I’m currently in the throes of selling our San Diego house (we actually have a viable offer,) she said to use landscapes, flowers or things that don’t require a lot of time or releases. Well, that’s easier said than done. Here are some examples of what I had available. Let me know which Before & After photos look best to you. Both show the effect and use of Fill Flash.



I overcooked the fill to make it easier to see the difference. For a wider audience, I’d reshoot Melanie to tone it down although I don’t think this is all that provacative.

Here are some that I made on my drive to AZ from SD this past weekend. Here, I was trying to show the effect of isolating a single Center of Interest for a more pleasing composition.

mailboxes   mailboxes   mailboxes


4 Comments for this entry

  • Lee

    Thanks Gloria,
    I appreciate readers who can see past the obvious. I try to make it clear that readers shouldn’t expect to be spoonfed. They’re expected to use their brains.

    I actually found a better version of the mailboxes that I’ll post in the future. How did you happen to find my website?


  • Dick

    I think both the train & Melanie illustrate the point you’re trying to make. Not sure what the publisher’s problem is? I too like the cleaned up mailbox shot.
    So you’re quitting us for AZ? A bit warm, no?

    • Lee

      Hi Dick,
      Long time, no tweet! (that’s a joke) I have a better version of the mailbox shot I’ll post in the future. I think the publisher is testing to see if I’m serious. She doesn’t want to put in a lot of effort and have me flake.

      It’s actually pretty mild in AZ. It’s been below 105F for the past few days! LOL

  • Gloria Hendren

    Wow what a diffence that clean up did for the mailboxes set up.

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