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Web Browser Color Management

by on Feb.03, 2012, under Articles, Lightroom, Monday Morning Tips, Photo Editing, Photos, Photoshop CS2/4, Photoshop Elements

Are “They” Seeing What You’re Seeing?

By now, serious readers know there’s monitor calibration, printer profiling, projector profiling and, if you want to get picky, even, camera profiling. Well, do you know about web browser profiling? Say, whaaa???

You perfect your photos by color correcting, adjusting levels, setting black point, adjusting Hue/Saturation, tweaking Vibrance, etc until it’s just the way you want it. But you have no control over how they’re displayed on your viewers’ monitors. They could be viewing your photos on a $12000 Eizo calibrated monitor or a $79 Walmart “We don’t need no steenkin’ calibration” special. Throw in a non-color managed web browser and who knows what they’re actually seeing.

I had planned to embed screen captures from various browsers using photos with and without profiles but decided that was too much trouble. Instead, go to this web site and roll your cursor over the test images. The take away is that you have no control over someone who is cluelessly using a non-color managed web browser but you have some modicum of control over those who are, at least, using an up-to-date browser. In any case, be sure to tag your photos before uploading them.




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  • Doug

    Hi Lee, Thank you for the great article on Web Browser Color Management. I often wondered about it when sending my pictures to friends and it they looked as good on their monitors as it does on mine or when printed.

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