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I Am an Idiot

by on Oct.22, 2011, under Articles, Composition, gear, Meetup, Monday Morning Tips

Check All Memory Cards Before Formatting

Back on October 9, I posted photos from Alabama Hills including a night shot of Mobius Arch framing Lone Pine Peak. I wasn’t happy with the full size print because the photo was slightly out of focus (OOF) and a large print emphasized the misfocus.

While taking photos of the two B&W prints in the last post, I discovered a dozen in-focus photos of Mobius Arch at night made with my Canon 40D and Sigma 10-20. I had switched to the 40D after framing the Mobius Arch with the 24-105 and realizing it was too long. I had completely forgotten these photos and nearly formatted the card without checking. Ergo, I am an idiot. The take away is very simple: Always check and double check your memory cards before formatting, d’oh!

The one on the left is 20mm and the one on the right is 10mm. These were made within 2 minutes of each other. They appear quite dark because a) it was night and b) compressing and resizing reduces the brightness. Printed at 13×19, they appear fine.

   Mobius Arch framing Lone Pine Peak, 10mm

As an afterthought, although I typically print at 13×19, the Epson 3880 is capable of printing 17×24. The reason I don’t is because of increased cost and greater hassle to store and display larger prints.

The Complaint Department is Closed

I received an e-mail stating George Jardine’s video on B&W conversion was, “…filled with too much technical stuff…” I deleted the reader from my mailing list to protect him from himself. I’m sorry if everything isn’t simple and easy but, if it were, any 6 year old could make photos like Ansel Adams or David Meunch. The complaint department is now closed!


8 Comments for this entry

  • Juan

    Wow, AMAZING shot of the arch!!!! Love it!

    • Lee

      Thanks Juan,
      Sitting in the dark, waiting for sunrise, is one of my favorite parts of photography. Waking up at 4AM to be out there by 5:30AM is one of my least favorite parts!


  • Doug

    Lee, the photo of Mobius Arch is great. It made me jealous that I wasn’t able to make the trip out to Eastern Sierras.

    • Lee

      Doug, you would have enjoyed it. The weather was perfect and there’s something soothing about sitting in the Alabama Hills at Oh-Dark-Thirty, waiting for the sun to rise. I’ve always gone in the fall but, next year, I may try it in the springtime to see different conditions. Hope you can join us.


  • Jill Johnson

    They are both absolutely “Gorgeous” photos….esp. enlarged. I am jealous :o)

  • Betsy

    Good grief. You seem to be attracting some disaffected folks lately. Based on your recommendation I purchased all George’s videos and the only thing I regret is not having enough time to devote to them. But then again I love the “technical” stuff. That is part of what makes it fun!

    • Lee

      Hi BK,
      I think the whackos and weirdos are coming out for Halloween! 😉 Hearing from serious, committed students of photography like you makes me feel much better.

      Glad to hear you’re viewing George’s videos. They’re among the best training videos I’ve ever seen. I constantly refer back to them


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