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Skunked, Again

by on Jun.12, 2011, under Monday Morning Tips

2011 San Diego Fair Photography Competition Results 

The San Diego Fair photography competition judging has come and gone once more and, again, I’ve been skunked with Honorable Mentions but no cigar. I have to take some total responsibility since I waited until the last day to get my act together and prepare my entries. Next year, I’ll start preparing well before the deadline (Yeah, sure!) Here are the three that were accepted and awarded HM:


This year, my focus will be to make 4-6 photos that stand a good chance of winning next year. To that end, below is an update to my Eastern Sierras trip this year. Ya’ll are welcome to join me.

Eastern Sierras, October 2011

I will be in the Eastern Sierras between Sep 30 and Oct 10, 2011. I’ll be there to photograph Mono Lake, Ancient Bristlecone Pines National Forest and Alabama Hills. If it snows, I may change my schedule to substitute Bodie, a magical place in the snow, for Ancient Bristlecone Pine NF.

My wife and I will be in the RV so if I can tell you about campgrounds and BLM land where you can car/tent camp. If you need a motel, I recommend Bishop, CA as a halfway point between Mono Lake and Lone Pine (Alabama Hills.) It’s 128 miles from Mono Lake to Alabama Hills so you should be plan to stay at one end or the other depending on how long you intend to be there. Or, if you plan to be there more than a weekend, you can stay at Lee Vining (Mono Lake) for a few days, move to Big Pine (Ancient Bristlecome Pines NF) and end up at Lone Pine. Bishop has several large chains such as Ramada Inn and Holiday Inn Express while Lee Vining and Lone Pine have mainly independents.

To join me, click HERE to send me an e-mail.

FREE San Diego Fair Photography Sessions

The San Diego Fair offers a slew of free photo workshops and classes. Click HERE for the schedule. 

I’m a Grandpa!

Mama hummingbird has finally hatched two chicks! After the loss of her first clutch, the nest sat empty and forlorn for a few weeks. Then suddenly, one day, she was back with a new egg. Two days later, right on schedule, she deposited a second egg and, for two weeks, fiercely protected it against all nosy busybodies. I didn’t take photos to avoid stressing Mama and tried to be quiet when I walked through the patio.

Last week, right on schedule at 14 days, the first chick hatched followed two days later by the second. At first, they just lay there looking like a large raisin with a beak at one end. Now, they’re moving and demanding food. They’re still at the age where any presence, Mama or me, elicits just one response, open mouth! I’d like to take photos but Mama is still quite skittish about having me peek into the nest so I’ve resisted. I hope to make some photos when the chicks are ready to fledge.



4 Comments for this entry

  • David L Penrod

    Hey Lee, I’m sorry about your loss. I like all you photographs the car hood indian head is my more to my liking.

    • Lee

      Thanks David,
      That Pontiac hood ornament is one of my all time favorites. The light has to be just right to get all those colors. Thanks for reading my blog.

  • Helen

    Sorry Lee, for your disappointment but your images have not disappointed me. I love the creativity you have displayed with both capturing and naming Indigestion. The composition and processing Be Right Back are right on………….love that shot!!!!!

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