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Fair Fiasco

by on May.05, 2011, under Monday Morning Tips, Photos

Which Fair Entries Were Accepted?

Friday, April 22 was the deadline for 2011 San Diego Fair entries. I was swamped so I rushed around at the last possible moment to submit my entries (below.) Yesterday, I received e-mails notifying me that only one entry had been accepted. Believing that, in my rush, I hadn’t been careful in selecting or preparing my photos, I shrugged it off as another life lesson.

This morning, I received a new set of e-mails advising me to disregard the previous e-mails and that three of my entries had been accepted. Worse, a former student who had e-mailed to tell me four of his five entries had been accepted, now faced the prospect that only one had made the cut.



Now, at 2PM, I’ve received another e-mail telling to disregard all previous e-mails. The fair implemented a new system this year using a program called FairJudge. Suffice it to say, it doesn’t engender confidence in the San Diego Fair, judges or the program. I’ll follow up with more in my next post.

I’m Gonna Be a Grandpa (Sorta)

A hummingbird has built a nest in a ficus tree on our front patio. She’s very protective and will buzz me if I get too nosy. Today, she laid the first egg. I’ve read that a second should follow in a day or two. I tried to take a photo but it was a bit tricky standing on a 2 foot step ladder with one foot on the window sill. I had visions of another trip to ER so I didn’t push my luck.

When the second egg appears, I’ll use my wife’s Canon G11 with the swivel LCD to take a photo and start keeping a record of the hummer’s progress. I’m already missing the Nikon D3100 I just sold. It had a cool swivel LCD and would have been perfect for making photos peering down into the nest. I may have to give serious consideration to selling my 40D and buying a new Canon T3i. Stay tuned for more details and photos.


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