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Scam Alert!

by on Mar.31, 2011, under Composition, Monday Morning Tips, Webcast

(Almost) FREE dSLR Exposure Webinar

On Wednesday, April 6 from Noon until 1PM, I’ll conduct a $2.00 webinar for new dSLR users. This is the first (Almost) FREE webinar for members of the Photography Webinars and Photoshoot Meetup Group. The group was established to meet the needs of busy people who don’t have time to attend in-person Meetups but still want to learn about dSLR photography.

The registration page is HERE. The reason we charge $2 is to reduce no-shows. We think $2 will cause people to think whether they really want to attend.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Update Scam, Again

First, just the facts: Adobe NEVER sends e-mails asking people to update Adobe Acrobat Reader.

There are hundreds of millions of PCs and Macs loaded with Adobe Acrobat Reader. It would be totally impractical for Adobe to send an e-mail to every user. How would they even know who has Reader since it’s often preloaded on new computers or loaded when new software is installed.

Notice the Adobe logo is missing on the e-mail (right.) Adobe has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to establish their brand, why would they ever send out any communication without the logo?

I don’t know if this is simply a phishing scam (where you’re the phish) or a virus injection attack. Either way, I don’t care and I never click on such links. Don’t be a dork, don’t fall for this stuff! Even if this were legitimate, what’s the downside to waiting a few days before updating Adobe Acrobat Reader? In the case of a free software like Reader, just go to Adobe’s site and download from the source. Don’t trust any middlemen.

Back to Our Regularly Schedule Program

In looking over the registrants for Gloria Hopkins’ Composition Webinar, I noticed that, so far, they’re all women. Once again, women are the ones who have no problems asking for directions or assistance while men press on muttering, “Just because I don’t know where I am doesn’t mean I’m lost.”

Sax ManCome on, guys! Composition is the weakest part of almost every photo I see. Just because your “friends” never say anything bad about your photos doesn’t mean your photos are well composed. Just because you learned how to slather on some weird effects using the plug-in du jour doesn’t mean your photos are well composed. In fact, just the fact that your photos need so much help says they’re poorly composed to start. If you already know all this and are ready to register, click this LINK.

You might remember the photo to the left. One of my students, Butch, has tried for months to make a photo that really worked and he got it in this image. It’s not perfect but much, much better than previous efforts. As he looked through the photos from this scene, he noticed that he had captured a 3-shot burst. In the shot immediately after this shot, a tourist walked into the frame. In the frame immediately before this shot, the Sax Man’s intensity was missing. The point is that composition happens both in-camera and in post-processig. We can’t all shoot like Ansel Adams but we can certainly learn how to make simple fixes in post to maximize the impact of our photos.

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