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Old Guyz Rule! (Except When They Don’t)

Did a shoot this past weekend that definitely took me outside my comfort zone. Anyone here ever heard of steampunk? As one of the models explained to me, “It’s how people in the 1800s might have imagined the 21st century.” Yeah, OK, is this a hint that she thinks I was around in the 1800s?

Here, I used a single Canon 550EX on-camera with a Stofen Omnibounce diffuser. The strobe was set to 1/4 power in Manual and bounced off a very low (dingy) white ceiling.

For my newbie readers, this is a good example of why I like to shoot in Manual Mode. In this shoot, I wanted a dark, edgy look with enough depth of field (DoF) to keep everything sharp. Had I relied on the auto exposure (AE) meter, the image would have been brighter, not in keeping with the dark, post-Apocalyptic theme.

In post-processing, I first softened the image to keep Cat (left) and Megan’s skin from turning into shoe leather. Then, I over-sharpened for an edgy look and, using a layer mask, erased the areas over skin. At that point, I had smooth skin and hard edges on everything else. As a final step, I selected their eyes, nostrils, mouth and selected jewelry and sharpened to bring back some “pop!”

Those of you who know about steampunk, please let me know if I captured that look or if it needs more work. Thanks for reading.

On this one, I did my normal PP so Megan’s eyes don’t “pop” as much as I’d like. I’ll post a side-by-side comparison after I finish.

The remainder are more from the same shoot but without the “over-the-top” PP.

The first is in one of my favorite old cars, a 1950 DeSoto. I asked Megan to look sultry and she did a great job of turning up the heat.

The last two are Cat and Megan’s versions of Pinup. Cat is doing her car show babe pose while Megan is doing her “Steampunk” meets Ozzie & Harriet imitation.


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  • Gloria Hendren

    That image leaves you lingering for more of a story behind the looks of the girls and their background.

    • Gloria Hendren

      Images release tough going with play. A little more dark framing would enhance the foregoing story yet to be told.

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