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Epson Stylus Pro 3880 – The Saga Continues

by on Mar.08, 2011, under Articles, Composition, gear, Monday Morning Tips, Photo Editing, Photoshop CS2/4, Photoshop Elements, Webcast

Learning to Print on a New Printer

Physically installing the Epson 3880 was a snap. The hardest part was finding all the little pieces of blue tape manufacturers seem to love to hold down various moving and mechanical parts. I have to admit, Epson does a pretty good job of identifying all the locations where the tape can be found. Some spots are pretty ingenious and actually require reading the quick start guide.

For the first test print, through the USB port (the 3880 is also network ready,) with a known, good print, I chose the photo of Celestina (left.) I set all the color management settings to what I thought were the proper settings and let ‘er rip. Oops! The colors were all wrong. After a few more tries, I printed to the old Epson R1800 to be sure the file was OK. Even with some serious clogs, the R1800 was much closer to the screen. Celestina’s red hair looked just like it does to the left and her green dress wasn’t blue like the 3880.

Scratching my head, I decided to postpone the test print and hook up the network connection. This turned into an unmitigated disaster as I didn’t read the manual. After a day of frustration, I decided I didn’t really need the network connection since I’m the only one who will print to the 3880. I just wanted to hook it up because I had paid for it!

After the weekend, I’m now ready to tackle the 3880 color management issues again. I’m using Epson ink, Epson paper and Epson profiles so the problem has to be somewhere in my Photoshop settings. Unfortunately, this problem doesn’t easily lend itself to the print testing method I wrote about several weeks ago because I don’t have a known good starting point. It’s going to be a lot of “by-guess-and-by-golly!”

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4 Comments for this entry

  • Dick

    Ah, Not sure what program controls my color, obviously not the correct one when using PSE. What’s best, program or printer?

    • Lee

      Well, Dick, to quote my grad school advisor, “It all depends.” If you want dead accurate colors, use the proper printer profile and turn off color mgmt in the printer. If “good enough” is good enough, let the printer adjust the colors.

  • Dick

    Interesting problem with the colors not being true. I have the same problem printing from PSE6 to my R800. I can print from other editing software, like Ifranview and the colors are fine, but from PSE they never come out right. Thankfully I don’t print much.


    • Lee

      Hi Dick,
      I haven’t had time to get back to my 3880 but the old R1800 has always printed perfectly from PS & PSE. It;s just a big brother to your R800. Part of your problem may be that PS/PSE/LR are all color aware programs while most other programs aren’t. With color aware programs, color control has to be designated to either the program or the printer, not both.

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