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by on Feb.08, 2011, under Articles, Composition, Monday Morning Tips

Make Yourself Feel Better while Making a Difference

My readers who know me personally know that I’m pretty jaded and not much gets me excited except good photography. But, even a grumpy curmudgeon can be moved to do something nice once in a while, especially when it means helping those who are an order of magnitude removed from my cushy, middle-class American lifestyle. Such an opportunity arose this evening.

I had pretty much bagged it for the day at 5PM (Hey, I start work at 4:30AM) when I received an e-mail from a woman at The Leakey Collection needing Photoshop Elements training. (Before I babble on, click the link and buy something from them.) My immediate inclination was to leave it until the next day but the e-mail address caught my eye. I saw the name Leakey and wondered if it was THE Leakey, you know, Lucy, aka australopithecus afarensis. It turns out there is a connection to Drs. Louis and Mary Leakey but it’s so much more than just dry, dusty bones. In fact, this story is about helping living, breathing relatives of Lucy.

Be sure to read all the sections under About Leakey, especially the tab, Story of the Maasai. After reading their story, I decided I would suspend my normal activities for the day and dedicate this post to people who are making a difference in some far off corner of the world.

If you like their story and cause, please be sure to direct others to their site or this post so we can spread the word. Now, back to our regularly scheduled program and my curmudgeonly self.


If you buy something from The Leakey Collection, I’ll deduct up to $10 from the Gloria Hopkins Composition webinar on April 20. Just enter the discount code TDPG10 when registering. You don’t have to send me a copy of the invoice or otherwise prove that you purchased something. Just enter the code. Remember, if you don’t buy something but use that discount code anyway, karma will always prevail.


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  • Chrystal

    Thanks so much for your blog about us! We certainly appreciate your kind words and that you’ve shared our mission with others.

    I’ve just signed up for the Elements webinar! Can’t wait to learn how to use this tool better and make all the photos of our jewelry and other products on our website look as good as they do in person!

    • Lee

      Thanks Chrystal,
      We’ll do our best to meet your needs. In the meantime, send me 1-2 photos that you’re trying to edit and tell me what you’re trying to do. That helps me get a handle on your issues. Don’t resize or compress the photos when you send them.

      I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when I first saw the domain name. I researched the info on the site before concluding it wasn’t some elaborate scam. I told you, I’m a curmudgeon!

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