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Canon 7D Wireless Remote

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The Lust in My Heart Has Been Fulfilled

To paraphrase Jimmy Carter, “I’ve looked on a lot of camera bodies with lust. I’ve committed camera adultery in my heart many times….” Ever since I learned about Nikon’s Commander Mode for wireless remote flash control, I’ve had flashes of lust and envy. I wanted the same in my Canon bodies without paying an extra $250 for a single purpose Canon ST-E2 Transmitter (below left & middle). The Canon Off-Camera Shoe Cord (OCSC, below right) was a limited option, especially when trying to handhold at slow shutter speed while holding the flash in the left hand.


When the Canon 7D was announced, that was the one feature that jumped off the spec sheet at me. The 7D had a wireless remote control mode. Being cheap, I waited until 7D prices came down and initial reports from early adopters were in. Well, I can honestly say, Canon’s integrated wireless remote is a wonderful technology that puts my camera lust under control for the moment. The advanced AF system also helps.

So, you ask, what’s the big deal with wireless remote? In a word, E-TTL. If you read my previous posts about Canon flash photography, you’ll know that I don’t have a lot of confidence in camera mounted flash. But, everything changes when the flash is off-camera. Then, E-TTL makes life so easy that it would be foolish not to avail yourself of the technology.

In my specfic situation, one of my flashes is an older Canon 420EX which has no manual mode. When used as a wireless slave with my CyberSync wireless trigger, the 420EX can only be popped at full power. There’s absolutely no finesse. Therefore, in the past, the 420EX has been relegated to full power applications. Also, when using either the OCSC or remote trigger, the internal pop-up flash is disabled.

Now, with the 7D Wireless Remote Flash capability, I can use both my 550EX and 420EX off-camera using E-TTL to fine tune the flash output. I can also add the pop-up flash as a third flash. For example, I can tell the 7D to pop the 550EX:420EX at a 3:1 ratio for classic key (main) to fill lighting while using the pop-up to add a catchlight.

Bottom line, the 7D Wireless Remote capability lets me use the full potential of an older Canon flash as an off-camera remote without tying up an expensive 550EX/580EX or buying a single purpose device. To do this on Canon bodies before the 7D required an ST-E2 or even pricier Pocket Wizards. The only downside is that it’s still optical so the slave flashes need to be within line-of-sight.

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