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I Feel Good!

by on Oct.10, 2010, under gear, Monday Morning Tips, Photo Editing, Photoshop Elements

Apologies to James Brown

Although I am a photographer, I feel my primary role is that of teacher & instructor. Over the past 12 years, I’ve presented digital photography classes to over 30,000 students. What really makes me feel good is when I get an e-mail like this from a reader in the UK:

Hello Lee,

I have managed to correct the mistake I was making, I was altering the wrong box – human error as usual 🙂 . Originally I took the photos to be professionally restored and the results were dire to say the least. The photo’s are now looking superb thanks to your tutorial. I even showed the studio who did a bad job the new version and they asked how I’d managed to do a good job so I told them your tutorials were better.

Again thanks for your uploads, I’m sure they are helping many people including me. Keep up the good work.


Tim Cxxxxxx

The video Tim was watching is Restore Old Photos, Part 2, near the bottom of the Video Page (This page takes a while to load completely because it has so many big video files).

Tim sent me this follow up e-mail:

Hello Lee,

By all means reference my message. I was sorely disappointed in the results from a high street photo studio and am very thankful for your tutorials. I showed my grandfather the restored photo that I did myself with your video and he was very happy to have color back in it as it was of his late wife (my gran). So you made his day too



Not only was I able to help someone in the UK but my lessons also made his grandfather happy. It don’t get no gooder’n  that, citizens!

In the same week, Jim, a Canadian reader on a forum I frequent posted this:

…What I will do is buy the Canon camera that Lee recommended to me plus the 300mm 2.8 lens with a 1.4 converter. I have searched out the opinion of others and spent some time on Lees web site. I am 100% convinced that Lee’s advice will help me get a better photo even with my existing talent. Will it make by photos look like some of the stuff Lee has done, I doubt it but I think it will improve them…

Jim was asking about upgrading his gear from a Canon T1i and 100-400. After reviewing his photos, I advised him to go with a Canon 7D and 300/2.8 + 1.4TC. In my opinion, this combination matched his skills, budget and subject matter (birds). It felt good to be acknowledged in public when, so often, advice given on forums is blithely ignored.

Anyway, I must now take time to uncontort myself from this awkward position needed to pat myself on the back. Please watch the videos and let me know if they help. Be aware that some are quite old and may contain outdated techniques. Others may seem convoluted but I tried to use techniques that would work with virtually any version of PSE.

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