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The Eyes (Still) Have It

by on Aug.29, 2010, under Articles, Monday Morning Tips, Photo Editing, Photoshop CS2/4, Photoshop Elements

Adding Catchlights to Eyes

When we left off last week, Tylor’s pupils had been darkened and the iris lightened with color restored. But, as anyone can see (below), there’s still something missing. That “something” is catchlights, those sparkles in the eyes that add life to otherwise dull photos.


In this video, we’ll add not one but two catchlights in each eye. When you see how this works, you’ll agree that it’s much better than a single catchlight.

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Sadly, Tylor, my favorite pin-up model, has moved to Washington DC to live with her Dad so I won’t have anymore opportunities to work with her. Best wishes to you, Tylor. I know you’ll do well wherever you are and whatever you do.

Anyone wanting to contact her for paid modeling work, shoot me an e-mail.

It’s My Party…

If you remember that tune from 1963, you are officially an Old Guy/Gal! Anyway, this is my blog and I’ll go OT (off topic) if I want to.


A few weeks ago, my Mobil Digital Darkroom, aka, Arbey the RV, needed new sneakers so I took it to Discount Tire. They determined the 5 year old Michelin sidewalls were checking (cracking) and called Michelin for an adjustment. Michelin, without any prodding, whining or histrionics on my part, offered a 25% discount toward new tires. As you might imagine, 6 Michelin tires are not exactly cheap so a 25% discount was welcomed.

But, that’s not the whole story. A few days after installing the new tires, the pressure monitoring device on the right dually was low. Thinking the tires had a leak, I went back to Discount Tire. They removed and bubble tested the tires before discovering the tire pressure monitoring device was defective. Discount removed the device and reinstalled my wheels at no charge.

But wait, there’s more. A few weeks later, with a new tire pressure monitoring device in hand, I asked Discount Tire to install it. They installed the new device and again, refused payment. Randy, the manager, insists they just want me to to come back when I need more tires. Why would I go anywhere else?

I first discovered Discount Tire about 25 years ago when I got into a dispute with Porsche. Roger, the Discount Tire manager I met back then, helped me prove to Porsche that they had put the wrong wheels on my Porsche. Roger has gone on to become a Regional VP within Discount Tire but the local personnel are still as helpful and service oriented as any company I’ve ever dealt with.

When you need new tires, I hope you’ll give Discount Tire a shot and tell them, Lee, The Digital Photo Guy sent you.

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