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More Canon 7D Auto Focus Goodies

by on Aug.18, 2010, under Articles, Composition, gear

Spot and Expanded AF Points

These two features seem diametrically opposed in terms of usefulness. Spot AF is an extra small AF Point inside a normal AF Point while AF Point Expansion increases the size of the AF Point by selecting points around it.


As seen in the above left photo, Spot AF uses a smaller area inside the normal AF Point. The actual Spot AF Point is actually a bit larger than the small box but stll smaller then the large box (did I just write that?).

As you can imagine, that tiny AF area can be handy for macro photography. How many times have you tried to focus on a very tiny detail but couldn’t be sure you got it until the photo was on the screen?

On the other hand, AF Point Expansion seems, to me, pointless (pun intended) with the inclusion of AF Zones. The Canon literature touts the ability to select any AF Point and expand the active area to the four points surrounding it to better track moving subjects. I thought that was what AF Zone was for? AF Point Expansion makes sense in 1D class cameras with 45 AF points but not so much in a body with 19 AF Points.

To summarize, the Canon 7D has 5 AF Point modes including All Points Active, Single Point (Manual), Zone, Spot and Single Point Expansion. In addition, it also has the standard Single Shot, AI Servo and AI Focus modes that assist in tracking moving subjects. If you can’t get a sharply focused photo with a Canon 7D, you’re just not trying.

San Diego Sheriff Search & Rescue Training

I was in the Laguna Mountains this past weekend to photograph landscapes and sunrises. When I woke up at Kwaaymii Point, the RV was surrounded by the Sheriff’s Search & Rescue Squad that was conducting a training exercise that day.

The first photo is the first rescue of the day, a western garter snake sunning himself on the ledge where the SAR team wanted to attach safety lines. A team member asking what to do was told that if he killed the snake, he was required to eat it. The 2nd photo is the first medic to climb down to the “victim”. The last photo is the second medic who guided the litter with the victim up the 100 foot cliff. All these men and women are volunteers.


Just for Grins

Here’s the reality of the Class of 2014, kids entering college this year. To them, Brooke Shields is a cougar.

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