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Video Monday Morning Tip

by on Aug.01, 2010, under Monday Morning Tips, Photo Editing, Photoshop CS2/4, Photoshop Elements

Friends of The Digital Photo Guy promo for CA Photo Festival has ended!

Thanks to everyone who took advantage of the 10% discount. CPF says it was so successful they’ve hit their goals and have ended the promotion. But, you can still get the Early Bird registration fee of just $449 until August 20.

A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Lose

Feeling guilty for not having produced an MMT in several weeks, I resolved to remedy my backsliding ways this week. I sat down and produced a Video MMT in record time but, as I started to render the video (convert to a final, viewable format), I had a sense of déjà vu. Looking through my past videos, I found that I had produced a near exact copy of a video from several years ago. Old age and senility is finally taking its toll on me.

Questions about Selection Tools are one of the most frequently asked. For some reason, everyone wants to select an object in a photo, extract it out and move it to another photo. This video shows you how to use the Magic Extractor to do just that. The video also quickly covers the Selection Brush Tool that everyone thinks is the cat’s meow but I’ve personally never much cared for.

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More Videos

For more videos, check out Outdoor Photographer, one of the few magazines to which I subscribe. They have lots of good videos mixed in with a handful of not so good videos (we all have off days!).

California Photo Festival, Sept 21-26

Remember, early registration for CPF ends August 20. Until then, you can qualify for two promotions. First, tell them you were referred by Lee Otsubo, The Digital Photo Guy, to get 10% off the $449 registration fee. I just learned the Friends of The Digital Photo Guy promo has ended. No more 10% off but you can still register for the Early Bird price of $449 until August 20. Second, put CPFContest into the “Offers & Discounts” box and qualify for a VIP Bag of Goodies. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know if these 2 offers can be combined so you might want to check with Victoria at Light Photographic before you register.

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3 Comments for this entry

  • Jim

    Sorry I missed the first part (part one video) of your video project. Can you post your first video (for part one) here on this site so others and myself can catch up or direct us to it? Maybe using a “link” to the first video.

    Regarding using the “magic extractor” in your video. The first tool is designed to save what you paint and the second tool is designed to take away what you paint. That seems to be pretty straight froward. Overlapping one painted area with the other is not helpful. Everything you stated seems to work just fine but why not do the whole flower (it doesn’t take that much longer to extract the whole flower) and then use the shortcut: “shift command i” for the Mac (shift control i for the PC) which inverts or puts the marching ants around everything except the flower. Now use shortcut: “command x” (control delete or control x). Your done! The flower has been extracted as the “magic extractor” was designed to do. If anything was extracted you don’t want, use the lasso tool around it as in the video and delete it. I use PSE 6 for Mac and it works great!

    Regarding the shortcut: “command x” in your video, does it make any difference if I use “command x” or “command delete” on my Mac? Both seem, on the surface, to do the same function. Is there ever a time when one method should or must be used over the other? If so, please show examples.

    We all thank you for your excellent videos on various tools and subject matter. Your site and many others help us understand the intricacies of elements and photography.

    Thanks, Jim

    • Lee

      The first part is on the Videos page.

      I’m not sure I understand. The Magic Extractor works by you telling it what areas you want to keep and what areas you want to delete. As far as I know, you have to mark some areas to keep and other areas to delete.

      On a PC, Control X cuts the pixels but I’ve never heard of a Control Delete. Sorry. There are hundreds of free tutorials on the ‘net, maybe one of those can help.

  • tnwaltz

    I really enjoyed this Monday morning video. The selection tool is a tool I have been afraid of but now I am going to practice using it. Your video made it seem simple.

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