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2010 San Diego Fair Entries

by on Jun.01, 2010, under Articles, Photos

Close but No Cigar

Once again, not all of my entries were accepted for the San Diego Fair. This year, 4 of 5 entries were accepted and the fifth was rejected. See if you agree with the judges. Here are my entries. Post your guess as to which was rejected in the comments section (below).


On the other hand, the number of entries were up slightly from last year. I believe there were 4000 entries this year, up from 3800 last year. About 1/3 were accepted so I guess I’m ahead of the odds. Based on random chance, only 1 or 2 would have been accepted. Of course, being accepted is just the beginning. Now, I wait until June 11 for the results. Someday, I’d like to think I may be in the running for Best of Show.

Deer Park Winery Auto Museum

The Northern San Diego Photography Meetup Group and its sister club, the San Diego Photography Meetup Group had a shoot at Deer Park Winery this past Saturday. Here are some of my best from the shoot.


The others got some amazing photos that can be seen here and here. My contribution to this photo was a suggestion to aim a tight snoot directly at the headlight to make it appear lit.

How to Learn Photography (or Anything Else)

I’ve been a teacher, instructor and college prof for many years. I didn’t depend on teaching to put food on the table so this allowed me to focus on understanding different teaching styles and techniques that help students learn.

What I’ve noticed in the Internet era is that many people think they can learn everything from photography to brain surgery by chatting on forums. This is akin to thinking one can become a Top Chef by watching the Food Network. Or, as a friend from Texas used to say, “Like a fly in a pasture, flitting from one cow patty to the next without a plan or direction!” In order to learn photography, one needs classes to tie together the tidbits acquired from different sources.

The most valuable lesson in any class is discipline. Internet forums appeal to dilettantes with no discipline. Discipline yourself, learn to be the best photographer you can be, not some hack flitting from one forum to the next, hoping to find faint praise for your snapshots.



9 Comments for this entry

  • Kathy McAvoy Jahraus

    I would have guessed the “nudes” as it is my favorite – to find the power of flow and texture in nature to suggest a universal concept – it’s my favorite!
    Good Luck to you – and thanks for the email updates and keeping up the photography site, it is a rich source although we may not always speak up
    Take care,

  • Pam

    I would guess the “Nudes” didn’t get choosen!!
    I put in 2 and got one accepted ! Not bad odds !! Looking forward to the 11th to see the Awards listed..

    • Lee

      Hi Pam,
      Dinner with the President was the one that was rejected. I think it was oversharpened. Good luck on the 11th.

  • Dick

    Funny, I was with Betsy on Standing Guard. Mine was based on the fact that I felt the ground & sky were washed out, which was probably on purpose to make the old machinery stand out? All of them good tho.

    • Lee

      Thanks for playing Dick,
      True, I lightened the snow a bit to emphasize the mine head and machinery but, in reality, it was snowing and near whiteout conditions at that point. It’s much easier to see in a large print but there are big snowflakes going horizontally through the frame.

  • Lauralee Humes

    Hi Lee,

    I hope to see you at the Artists’ Reception on June 10.


  • Betsy

    My guess is Standing Guard. This is based on nothing other than the fact I liked the other ones more 🙂

    • Lee

      And, your guess would be — wrong! It was Dinner with the President. It’s hard to tell without the original but I oversharpened it and, I believe, the judges didn’t like that. But, the good news it that they accepted the other four which I also oversharpened, just not as much.

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