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by on May.20, 2010, under Monday Morning Tips, Website, Workshops

E-Mail Notifications Not Working

I just discovered that my e-mail notification system hasn’t been working since around April 20, a month ago. I haven’t made any changes to the system so either my host has made changes or something else is intefering with the e-mail system.

If you’ve been receiving e-mail updates over the past month, please let me know. Obviously, if you haven’t been receiving updates, you’d only know that if you happen to drop in today.

Temecula Western Days

I was in Temecula, CA on Sunday, May 17 for the 2010 Western Days and Chili Cook Off. My intent was to photograph some of the High Noon Shoot Outs and sample the chili but, in photography, flexibility is imperative.

The Shoot Outs were crowded and difficult to get near without an ugly background. The Chili Cook Off was in a hot, asphalt parking lot that didn’t seem all that inviting. But, I still managed to find some really interesting photo ops.

Old Town Temecula is a mixture of old buildings, new buildings and new buildings made to look old. I don’t recall any old buildings made to look new! The architectural details on the building were really interesting. Since I wasn’t aware of these opportunties, I had the wrong lenses with me but plan to return when it’s not so crowded.

Here are some of what I was able to capture with the lenses I had with me.



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  • Lee

    Thanks to everyone who responded, both here and via e-mail. I am completely baffled. It seems that some are receiving the e-mail notifications but others aren’t. I believe those who subscribed to my RSS feed receive e-mail notifications but those who just registered for the site aren’t receiving notifications. The site uses a different e-mail system.

    In the future, if you notice you’re not receiving e-mail notifications, please let me know. I monitor the site 24/7. I also recommend you subscribe via RSS. That is a much more robust system and should never fail. Even if you can’t spell “RSS”, not to worry, there are complete, detailed instructions near the bottom of my home page. Thanks.

  • Hankw


    I have been getting the tips thru my e-mail. Everything seems to be working fine on my end.

  • Diana

    No, I had not been receiving recent email notifications, Lee.

  • lauralee Humes

    Hi Lee,

    Glad I’m reconnected!


  • Dick

    Hi Lee, Today is the first message I’ve seen from you in some time. I’ve been busy and was also gone for a few days, just assumed you were off playing someplace :~)

  • Debra

    I’ve been receiving your email updates.

  • Neel McCullough


    Wondered what the problem was, have not received you MMT for the last two weeks 5-10 and 5-17. Glad you caught the slip up I missed your infinite wisdom and tips.

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