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Webinars, Workshops and Caution

by on May.12, 2010, under Articles, Photo Editing, Photoshop CS2/4, Webcast, Workshops

Gear Webinar – Open Registration

Because a number of registrants have not confirmed their attendance, I’ve cancelled their reservations and opened the webinar to the general public. On Saturday, May 15 (this coming Saturday) at 9AM Pacific Time (10AM MDT, 11AM CDT, Noon EDT), click this link and follow the instructions to enter the meeting room. If you want to register for the door prizes, you should use this form. If you just want to attend the webinar, use the above link.

1st Annual California Photo Festival

I just registered for the 1st Annual California Photo Festival sponsored by Light Photographic (formerly Lepp Institute of Digital Imaging). Since this is the first year, it’s a bit chaotic but the line-up is impressive. Rick Sammon will deliver the keynote at the end of 5½ days of field and lecture classes in every aspect of digital photography including nature, landscape, wedding, portrait, glamour, macro and more.

Among the noted photographers and instructors are Rob Sheppard (readers of this site know Rob from a Photoshop Elements webinar he taught), Jim DiVitale, David Wells, Jane Conner-ZiserJennifer Wu and many others. Many are Canon Explorers of Light, an elite group of Canon contract photographers.

If you can swing 5½ days and $449, this looks to be an incredibly useful photo workshop.

Discovered by Discovery Channel (Kinda)

About a month ago, I received an e-mail from a person claiming to represent Discovery Channel (Planet Earth, Mythbusters, Deadliest Catch, etc) asking if I could teach them Photoshop via webinar. I was skeptical so I snooped around to make sure the e-mail really originated from DC.

I was told they needed someone to teach two employees, who had never even launched PS, much less used it, to do basic photo and graphics editing. They needed immediate help as well as long-term instruction.

When I sent them a quote, I was told they “didn’t have any money for training” and needed a lower price. I found it curious that a company that had just hired Oprah to narrate a film didn’t have a few thousand dollars. As I negotiated with them, they told me they had an immediate project and would I do the job as a part of the training. At that point, I was getting bad vibes. I told them I would schedule time and resources as soon as I received payment. I never heard back from them. This had taken place over 3 weeks and it was clear their intent was to get me to do the job for free.

Bottom line, be careful. There are lots of companies looking for photographers and artists who are desparate enough to do free jobs in hopes that something will come of it. I hope they didn’t find someone gullible.


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