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One Trick Pony

by on Mar.14, 2010, under Monday Morning Tips, Photo Editing, Webcast

FREE Topaz Labs Webinar

Eric Yang, Marketing Manager for Topaz Labs will present a free webinar on April 7 at Noon CDT (Central Daylight Time). Eric will demonstrate how to use several Topaz plug-ins and answer questions. There will also be some cool give-aways so be sure to register ASAP. There’s limited seating on a first-come, first-served basis. Click HERE to reserve your spot. You can have as people as you want on one computer so invite your whole camera club, neighborhood or synagogue and project the webinar for all to see.

Using One Tool To Clone Over an Object

When first learning photo editing, students often learn one tool at a time and tend to use that tool for everything. Sometimes, that’s not a bad approach. For example, some use the Marquee Tool to select everything but quickly discover that perfect rectangles and ovals rarely exist in real life.

Today’s Video MMT hopes to speed up your “Ah-ha!” moment by demonstrating how the Marquee Tool can be used to remove an object from a complex background. The first photo below is the original, the second is a close up of the area we want to fix and the last is the final result. View the video in the Archived MMT area (free registration required).


Russian Traffic

I’ve noticed a huge surge in traffic from Russian IP addresses. I don’t believe my charm and skills are that appreciated by Russians so I can only conclude that there’s a big push to hack and scam US sites. I’m going to block all Russian and Chinese traffic but, before I do that, if there are Russian or Chinese readers who actually visit my site for benign purposes, please let me know.

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8 Comments for this entry

  • Ellen

    I think the gear webinar would just make me sad that I can’t buy anything…

    • Lee

      You rent specialty lenses and other gear instead of buying. Most people can’t afford $6200 for a Canon 500/4 IS but just about anyone can afford $200 to rent it for a week while on a photography vacation to Yellowstone or Bosque del Apache. Without it (or a comparable lens), you’d be wasting your time in these locales.

      • Ellen

        Then it makes me even sadder that I can’t afford to rent anything! Or go on photo vacations for that matter. I’m the wrong demographic I guess…

        • Lee

          After reading your comment, I remembered that most people aren’t passionate photographic artists but simply want good photos. For you, today’s MMT has ideas and directions. A set of Kenko macro extension tubes (12mm, 20mm, 36mm) is $170 but you can buy just one tube (I recommend 25mm) for $90. One could spend an entire lifetime making macro photos of just their home and yard.

          As for the free lens webinar, it always pays to be prepared in case one wins the lottery or a rich relative you never met kicks off and leaves you millions. Don’t laugh, a friend’s grandmother, whom he didn’t even like, won $20 million in a lottery and died shortly thereafter, leaving it all to him. Life is strange.

          • Ellen

            I’ll go find a grandma right now! I’ll also try to attend the photo gear webinar. I also would like to see the Topaz webinar if it’s possible to have re-runs. I do appreciate your reasoning on keeping them live only. Another reason to think wishfully…

          • Lee

            The Topaz webinar recording was botched due to a technical glitch. Fortunately, that’s only the 3rd failure in over 300 webinars.

  • Ellen

    For those of us who can’t be near a computer in the middle of a workday what are the chances of a rebroadcast?

    • Lee

      It’s possible but I’d rather have a full house for the webinar so Eric is inclined to present more webinars in the future. If I make a recording available on the site, people are prone to say, “I’ll just wait for reruns”.

      Do you plan to attend the Gear webinar on Saturday, May 15? If people don’t attend the webinars, sponsors aren’t likely to agree to present them for free.

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