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by on Feb.10, 2010, under Articles

dSLR Cheat Sheet, frontI’ve had several requests for the Cheat Sheet I published last year so I resurrected it. The purpose is two-fold. First, make the Developing Good dSLR Habits available to those who missed it the first time and second, point out the new, cool Search Box at the top of each page. As a test, I entered ‘cheat sheet’ and it immediately popped up several articles where I had mentioned the Cheat Sheet. Be sure to read the companion piece (registration required).

Lest you think I’ve suddenly gotten smart, let me disabuse you of such silly notions. I paid Paul Schroeder, a really smart guy in Luxembourg, to make changes. My participation was limited to writing design specs and sending payment. The trick when developing a website is to hire someone who is both a designer and a coder. Many great designers can’t write code to save their lives and many coders can’t design their way out of a paper bag. Paul’s designs tend to be light and airy but I felt comfortable he could adapt the dark theme used on this site. If you need a web site designer, contact Paul.

Why I Use Double-Opt-In for Registrations

I received feedback saying the double-opt-in registration was too much trouble so I’d like to tell you why I do that. First, I hate spam. I really, really hate, detest, loath and revile spam. Therefore, I don’t ever want to be accused of sending spam. Sometimes, people register and forget. Then, they receive e-mails from me and think I’m spamming them. A double-opt-in system reduces the chances of that happening. Second, mental midgets have been known to register others as a way to harass and annoy people. This avoids that problem. Third, robotic web scrapers roam the internet scraping content off web sites to be used for their own malicious purposes. I’ve found links to my site from sleazy operators for who-knows-what purpose.

It’s not my intent to make it difficult for readers to access this site but I feel I have a responsibility to make sure it’s safe and enjoyable. The double-opt-in system sends an e-mail to confirm that you really registered and that you’re a real person. The second e-mail containing the password is manually sent so it doesn’t always go out immediately.

A Stomach Churning Photoshoot

I’ve heard the difference between a Fairy Tale and a Southern Fairy Tale is that a Fairy Tale starts out, “Once upon a time…” while a Southern Fairy Tale starts, “You ain’t gonna believe this $!*&…” This video is of the Southern Fairy Tale variety. David Hobby, publisher of the wildly popular Strobist site, has a YouTube video of a recent shoot that can only be described as “insane”. Check out the rigging on the videographer as he films a kayaker doing even more insane things. I used to think racing my bicycle 200 miles across Death Valley was crazy but that was a piece of cake compared to this.


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  • Karen

    Thanks again for the Cheat Sheet…nice to have in the camera bag to refresh one’s mind even if it only reminds one to check the settings one has on the camera from the previous time it was used. I’m great for forgetting to take a look at the ISO or EC that may be on the camera in the excitement of trying to catch that grandchild or animal in action.

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