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Monday Morning Tip – 10/12/09

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Win a $179.99 Software Suite!

Another score for the Photoshop Elements webinar with Rob Sheppard. Topaz Labs has graciously donated a complete suite worth $340 to a door prize winner during the webinar on November 14. I watched the Topaz Labs demo at Photoshop World and I can honestly say it “blew my mind”. It takes a lot to impress me with software anymore but the Topaz products were in a totally different class. (bundle does not include Enhance and Momentum which are video plug-ins).

Go to the Head of the Winner’s Line

If you want to just grab a complete Topaz Suite for free and skip the door prize effort, get 3 people (including yourself) to register for the Photoshop Elements webinar on November 14 from 9AM to 1PM (Pacific Time). The webinar is just $59.95 and covers everything a digital photographer needs to know about Adobe Photoshop Elements including the newest version 8.

If you’ve already registered, just get two more people to register and put your name in the PayPal Comments section. Be sure to also send me an e-mail with your friend’s name in case your friend wrote something like “Peggy’s friend” when you’re registered as Margaret.

To date, here’s a list of all the door prizes for the webinar:

Black Rapid camera strap the easiest, most comfortable way to carry a dSLR

1-2-3 of Digital Imaging v5 (PC), a 3500+ page DVD book to learn PS and PSE

Photoshop World Workbook, 800 pages of hints, tips and tricks from PSW

Topaz Labs Bundle, a $340 suite of programs that normally sells for $179.99

Webinar Door Prizes

Monday Morning Tip

Photography is a journey. If you ever arrive at your destination, you’re dead. Photography is a life-long pursuit of an ever changing vision. Even professional photographers are constantly learning and challenging themselves to improve their skills. The best way to learn is by listening and watching others who are better than you. In the beginning, it’s best if your teacher isn’t too far ahead of you on the learning curve but, as you improve, you want teachers who stretch and expand your horizons. Sometimes, you may feel as if the lessons might break you but always remember, what doesn’t kill you, just makes you better.

I just got back from 5 days in the Eastern Sierras on a Great American Photo Workshop led by Rob Sheppard. It was a great workshop with lots of fieldwork and, what I wanted, in-depth critiques. Too often, we drink our own KoolAid and start believing all the praise heaped upon us by friends and family. When you attend a workshop, you’re paying a professional for their honest feedback about the quality of your work and, more importantly, how you can improve. The GAPW workshops are a bargain at just US$795 (excluding lodging, meals and travel).

Here are some of my favorite photos from the workshop. I haven’t processed all my photos but these stood out. My MMT for the week is: take lessons at every opportunity. In the beginning, local camera clubs and camera stores can provide lessons for free or very minimal cost. As your skills improve, you might want to take paid local workshops. At the high end, workshops can range from a few thousand dollars to $10,000+ for exotic locales and name instructors. Just keep in mind that a big name doesn’t always translate into better lessons.

Ancient Bristlecone Pine

Ancient Bristlecone Pine

Fast Water

Fast Water

Color at Sabrina Basin

Color at Sabrina Basin

Magic Light

Magic Light





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4 Comments for this entry

  • Pam

    “Photography is a journey. If you ever arrive at your destination, you’re dead.”

    LOVE THAT! I’m addicted to learning so I guess that works out fine. 🙂

    Great shots from the workshop.

    • Lee

      Thanks Pam,
      Given your skills, you should take a workshop with someone like Rob. He’ll put structure around things that you’ve known and learned instinctively. Then, you’ll know why you want to do certain things. BTW, thanks for the nice TY card. I’m glad you made good use of the press passes.

  • Shelley Pitchford

    Nice pictures. Do you give one-on-one classes? If so, do you charge a flat fee or by the hour?

    Thanks ~ Shelley

    • Lee

      Hi Shelley,
      Thanks for reading my blog and viewing my photos.
      Yes, I offer 1-on-1 classes but you might want to check out my “Hands-On” Photoshoot classes. My classes are limited to just 4 students per class (except webinars) so you’ll get as much attention as you need. My 1-on-1 classes are usually for specific topics such as product lighting and photography or indoor sports photography. If you have a specific need, please send me an e-mail and we’ll discuss a class designed just for you.
      My next Wild Animal Park “Hands-On” Workshop will be in Dec or Jan depending on demand. I’m also developing a “Hands-On” Workshop at the Deer Park Winery that covers indoor flash lighting. That should also be available in Dec or Jan.

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