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Monday Morning Tip – 09/14/09

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Learn Photoshop Elements in 4 Hours… Win Cool Prizes!

Just added a copy of 1-2-3 of Digital Imaging to the pile of goodies. Some lucky student will receive this for being among the first 20 to register if their number is drawn.

We’re also giving away a copy of the 1000 page Photoshop World workbook. PSW is in October so the information doesn’t get any fresher unless you shell out $1000 to attend PSW in person. Remember, you have be among the first 20 students to register to be entered into the drawing for these prizes.

If that’s not enough, the first 20 registrants have a choice of 3 terrific gifts to choose from just for being smart enough to be on the leading edge of webinars. When you register, you’ll receive an e-mail with a list of gifts to choose from so register now!

Click HERE to read how you can learn Photoshop Elements in just 4 hours from Rob Sheppard, editor of Outdoor Photographer magazine. Don’t let the magazine title scare you, the class covers all aspects of PSE, not just outdoor or nature photography. Most of what this class covers also applies to Photoshop CSx. Best of all, you get 60 days of e-mail support in case you have problems applying what Rob’s tricks, tips and shortcuts.

Freebie! Depth of Field Calculator

Normally, I don’t write about freebies until I have them in hand but this one is gonna take some effort on my part (I have to make them) so I’m asking first before I waste time on something no one wants.

How many people want a free (except for SASE) Depth of Field Calculator? If you don’t know what a DoF calculator is, go here. If you don’t know why you’d want a DoF calculator, you don’t need it. If you have difficulty using a ruler, you won’t be able to use this. If you don’t know what depth of field is or why it’s important, you need to take my dSLR class. If you want one, leave a comment here. That way, I’ll know how much time and effort I’m facing.

Monday Morning Tip

Today’s MMT covers the last lens most amateurs usually want, a macro. A macro is any lens that allows you to make photos that are 100% of actual size. In other words, if an object is 22.2mm across, a macro will fill the entire sensor of a Canon Digital Rebel from side-to-side with the object. There’s an image in the MMT that illustrates this concept. As always, all MMTs are in the MMT archives on the Tips & News page.

For those who have read all 3 MMTs dealing with lenses for new dSLR owners and amateur photographers, here’s a great article that basically says the same thing I said except in fewer words. See if your Canon lens kit matches what he writes.

Something Truly Amazing and Humbling

Most photographers have heard of Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii but, if you’re like me, you just thought he was a mad Russian scientist. It turns out Prokudin-Gorskii was really a photographer in his own right and produced hundreds of color photos long before any of us ever thought of color photography. The Smithsonian bought his collection and has been restoring the glass negatives. Here’s a small sample of his work. The man was truly an artist, a visionary and a scientist, well ahead of his time.


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