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Registration?!? What Steenkin’ Registration?

by on Feb.02, 2009, under Articles

A reader reported she visited this new website and registered. I didn’t even know the site had a registration system. Visitors to the site must see a different interface than me because I don’t see a registration form anywhere. To make things even funnier, I don’t know how to access the registration forms and files so I don’t know who’s registered.

Actually, I might use the registration system (if I can find it) to replace my e-mail Opt-In system. As the list of e-mails grows longer, it gets harder to manage. ‘m sure there are people on the list who have long forgotten why they receive my MMTs.

Speaking of MMTs, I plan to put them in a password protected area so anyone who is registered can access them at any time. I’m also trying to figure out how the YouTube viewer works so I can upload my videos to YouTube and have them display here.

My primary task right now is trying to get all my workshops on the Workshops page with separate icons. As it is right now, they would all be listed in a long document that would be difficult to read. I want viewers to click on a photo from Joshua Tree and be taken to a separate page with JTNP information. Also, PayPal has to be integrated so I can get rid of that weird dp-guy(asperand)thedigital… notation.

For those of you who are here because you read about the new site in my latest MMT, the major boo-boo I committed during the WAP Photoshoot this weekend was telling students that exposure compensation (EC) only worked in Av and Tv modes. It works in P as well. I was so fixated on the fact that the exposure program (aperture/shutter speed combination) could be changed that I got all turned around in my (tiny) brain. That’s why the recent MMT was written to clearly describe P Mode features and benefits.


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